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Husqvarna TC 65 – 2025

4.629 + TVA


28.091 Lei (TVA Inclus)

Adresa Showroom: Bulevardul Grivitei 1H, Brasov
Agent de Vânzări: 0746 140 168 (Marian Stanica)

In 2025, the TC 65 will once again assert itself as the best 65 cm³ motocross motorcycle in its class. For many young riders, it opens the door to motocross with a manual clutch and gearshift. The lightweight hydraulic clutch and smooth-running 6-speed transmission make this entry as smooth as possible. The TC 65 meets the diverse requirements of the youngest drivers. The chassis offers various options for ergonomic adjustment. In terms of performance, the rear silencer, a DS clutch, Formula brakes and a large Twin Air air filter promise the ultimate driving experience.


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PHO BIKE DET benefit 04 TC 50 TC 65 2024 SALL AEPI V1




  • TRANSMISSION6 courses
  • COOLINGLiquid cooling
  • STARTERKickstarter
  • HUB40.8mm
  • DRILLING45mm
  • COUPLINGMulti-disc clutch in oil bath, formula hydraulics
  • DISPLACEMENT64.9 cm³
  • DESIGN TYPE1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine


  • WHEELBASE1142mm
  • FRONT BRAKEDisc brake
  • REAR BRAKEDisc brake
  • CHAIN420
  • FRAME DESIGNChrome-molybdenum steel central tube frame
  • FRONT SUSPENSIONXACT 35 WP Upside Down fork, Ø 35 mm
  • HANDLEBARSAluminum Ø 28/22 mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT730mm
  • SILENCERaluminum
  • HEAD ANGLE64.5°
  • WHEELSSpoked wheels with aluminum rims



01. Style

PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 bodywork %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


The clean and slim bodywork offers proven and comfortable ergonomics. Youngsters benefit from the larger contact points, which allow them to press their legs more tightly to the bike and thus improve control of the bike. In addition, a flutter seat profile offers unrestricted freedom of movement.

Air filter box

For the 2025 model year, installing and removing the air filter has been simplified. This means that filter changes can now be carried out faster, cleaner and easier. In order to access the revised air filter box, the easily removable seat must be removed by hand. With the new clamp fastening, the air filter can be installed error-free. It also prevents dirt from getting into the intake tract. In addition, the Twin Air filter has a larger surface area, which increases airflow into the engine.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 handlebar %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

Handlebars and grips

The high-quality aluminum handlebars with a black anodized finish ensure reduced vibration and maximum stability. The wider handlebars increase comfort and allow for a better body position, while the slim ODI grips ensure better control.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 fuel tank %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

Fuel tank

The slim fuel tank, which fits into the frame and ergonomic bodywork, has a generous 3.5 liter capacity.

02. Handling

PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 ergonomics %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

Ergonomically adjustable

For young drivers of different heights, the TC 65 now offers several setting options – depending on size and preference. The handlebars can be mounted in four different positions. The shock absorber is adjustable between the standard high position and a lower setting, and the boom and bodywork can be installed in two different positions depending on the rider.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 frame %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


The TC 65 frame is made of chrome molybdenum steel and improves the riding experience thanks to its precise geometry and rigidity. Following a proven design concept, the shock is not connected to the upper frame tube to reduce the energy transmitted through the chassis, resulting in greater stability. A frame guard with a textured surface improves control in all conditions and protects the dark blue metallic powder coating from wear.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 subframe %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


The lightweight, durable boom is made from a combination of glass fiber reinforced polyamide and two steel tubes. This new hybrid design was initially used on our larger motocross sister models. After its reliability has proven itself, it has now also been installed in the TC 65. The robust boom plays an important role in the excellent handling. Its height is adjustable so that it can be ergonomically adapted to the driver’s height.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 tripple clamps %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

Forged triple clamps

The forged triple clamps optimally align the fork and offer the smooth movement and uncompromising performance typical of WP suspension. The fork bridge ensures a calculated bending characteristic without compromising the strength…
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 fork %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

WP forks

The TC 65 is equipped with 35mm WP-XACT forks and therefore the latest suspension technology. These forks are not only particularly light, but also offer excellent comfort and excellent damping properties, …
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 shock %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

WP damper

The WP XACT damper is directly connected to the swingarm. Its settings have been revised to optimize the damping properties and improve the overall balance of the TC 65. Thanks to the possibility of setting pre…
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 swingarm %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


The new die-cast aluminum hollow swingarm is made from a single piece of aluminum, allowing for optimal rigidity and a weight reduction of 190g compared to previous generations. To ensure the bending properties…

03. Engine

PHO BIKE DET HQV 23 TC 65 engine %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


The TC 65 is equipped with the latest 2-stroke technology, which makes it extremely competitive. Only the lightest and most durable materials were used for each component. However, the highlight of the engine is undoubtedly the pressure-controlled exhaust valve, which guarantees maximum performance. The engine is also equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, a reliable hydraulic clutch and a BRISK spark plug.
PHO BIKE DET HQV 23 TC 65 cylinder %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

Cylinders and pistons

The lightweight, durable aluminum cylinder is equipped with a pressure-controlled exhaust valve and offers unrivaled performance, giving all young riders this bike a clear competitive advantage.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 transmission %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


While the proven gear ratios developed specifically for the TC 65 have been retained, the 6-speed gearbox is now made from a stronger steel material as part of a revised production process, making it more durable.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 carburator %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


Settings within the proven 24mm Mikuni carburettor maximize the engine’s performance. Thanks to the calculated spraying, the TC 65 runs extremely cleanly across its entire speed range.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system contributes to a significant improvement in the performance of the TC 50. Because the internal welds have been removed, the flow of exhaust gases is unobstructed, achieving maximum performance. The silencer now has…
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 clutch %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

DS clutch

The TC 65 is equipped with the clutch technology of its larger sister models, with the new DS clutch being characterized above all by its remarkable durability. Housed in a new steel basket, the tell…

04. Parts

PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 brakes %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


The combination of hydraulically operated brake calipers from Formula, a 198 mm wave brake disc at the front and a 180 mm wave brake disc at the rear ensures reliable braking performance. Durability has also been improved, which is reflected in extended service intervals. The new forged rear brake pedal features the same tip as its larger siblings to provide greater control.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 radiators %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1


For efficient cooling, the TC 65 is equipped with two coolers, the design of which was modeled on the larger motocross sister models from Husqvarna Motorcycles. Simplified hose routing and strong radiator protection ensure reliable performance and durability.
PHO BIKE DET TC 65 2024 wheels %23SALL %23AEPI %23V1

Wheels and tires

Lightweight aluminum hubs are connected to black anodized aluminum rims by strong spokes, creating a reliable wheelset. Completed with Maxxis Maxxcross MX-ST tires, young riders enjoy all the benefits of excellent traction and predictability on a wide variety of surfaces.

Pentru toate detaliile de care aveti nevoie, echipa moto24 va sta la dispozitie. Trebuie doar sa completati formularul de contact din pagina de prezentare a vehiculului dorit si un consilier de vanzari va va contacta in cel mai scurt timp posibil.

  • Disponibilitate si livrare

Stocul unitatilor comercializate este unul dinamic, ceea ce influenteaza livrarea finala. Pentru unitatile din stoc si achitate integral, livrarea se face in maxim 48 de ore. Pentru unitatile care nu se afla in stocul nostru fizic, durata de livrare se poate prelungi in functie de disponibilitatea furnizorului. Detaliile despre timpul de asteptare se vor comunica transparent clientului.

  • Pot cumpara o motocicleta noua prin programul Rabla?

Da, puteti cumpara motociclete si scutere prin programul Rabla. Se califica orice motocicleta a marcilor KTM, Husqvarna, Gas-Gas, CFMOTO care emite maxim 120g CO2/km.

  • Cum pot intra in posesia documentatiei necesare imatriculari?

Documentele necesare inmatricularii va vor fi inmanate odata cu livrarea motocicletei / atv-ului sau la un anumit interval de timp dupa (comunicat in prealabil la momentul vanzarii). Termenul este influentat de eliberarea Cartii de Identitate de catre Registrul Auto Roman.

  • Cum se realizeaza intretinerea ATV-ului?

Toate indicatiile de intretinere a vehiculului dvs se afla specificate in Carnetul de garantie pe care il primiti la cumparare. Intervalele de revizii sunt, de asemenea, specificate in Carnetul de garantie. Va sfatuim sa il cititi cu atentie pentru o functionare cat mai buna indelungata a noii dvs achizitii.

  • Se poate cumpara in rate sau leasing?

Da, puteti cumpara o motocicleta in rate sau leasing. Magazinul nostru lucreaza cu mai multe firme de leasing/creditare . Oferim consultanta pentru accesare de finantari in leasing/ rate pentru persoane juridice & fizice. Nu ezitati sa ne contactati pentru detalii suplimentare.

  • Beneficiez de garantie?

La achizitionarea unei unitati ce va fi folosita recreational benficiezi de o garantie standard de 2 ani, cu posibilitate de extindere in functie de variantele disponibile pentru fiecare marca in parte. Garantia nu acopera utilizarea competitionala a unitatii achizitionate.

Unitatea se poate prelua de catre client din magazin prin mijloacele propri ale acestuia sau putem asigura contra cost livrare la domiciliu. Detalii finale vor fi stabilite in prealabil.

Reviziile si operatiunile de service se pot face atat in service-ul nostru autorizat cat si in orice alt service autorizat al fiecarei marci de motociclete/atv in parte.

Da, pentru a conduce un ATV este nevoie sa detineti permis conducere categoria B. Singurele care se pot conduce fara permis sunt vehiculele destinate copiilor.

  • Poti cumpara in maxim 6 rate fixe fara dobanda.
  • Beneficiul poate fi accesat doar daca esti detinatorul unui card de cumparaturi Raiffeisen Bank. Prin programul Multishop poti sa alegi sa imparti sumele platite in magazinul nostru intr-un numar de maxim 6 rate lunare fixe fara dobanda.
  • Este important ca in momentul efectuarii tranzactiei sa comunici vanzatorului numarul de rate dorit.
  • Pentru a nu plati dobanda pentru platile postate in rate fara dobanda este necesar sa rambursezi lunar pana la data scadenta suma din rubrica “Suma totala de plata in perioada curenta”, descrisa in raportul de activitate.

Leasing, Finantare Motociclete / Atv In Rate


Rate pentru persoane fizice

Vrei sa devii posesorul unei Motociclete sau al unui ATV si nu stii care este cea mai avantajoasa solutie?

Magazinul nostru lucreaza cu mai multe firme de leasing/creditare. Oferim consultanta pentru accesare de finantari in leasing/ rate pentru persoane juridice & fizice.

  • Avantajele produsului de creditare prin BT Direct:
  • Nu este obligatoriu achitarea unui avans pt finantare!
  • Finantarea se adreseaza persoanelor fizice salariati sau pensionari  si PFA (persoane fizice autorizate) ;
  • Achizitonarea in rate a produselor dorite, fie ca este vorba despre motociclete, atv, snowmobile, accesorii sau echipamente;
  • Vehiculele trebuie sa fie achizitionate de la Moto24 si pot fi noi sau second hand (in functie de disponibilitati);
  • Alternativa simpla si rapida la plata cash sau card de credit;
  • Vehiculele se inmatriculeaza direct pe numele clientului, el fiind proprietarul bunului;
  • NU este obligatorie asigurarea CASCO;
  • Numar minim de acte: act de identitate & act justificativ de venit (adeverinta sau cupon pensie, dupa caz);
  • Obtinerea finantarii se face pe loc in magazinul Moto24;
  • Personalul Moto24 se ocupa de  intocmirea dosarelor de credit simplificand astfel procedura;
  • Proces rapid de luare a deciziilor definitive de finantare: 2 ore;
  • Solicitarea de creditare se semneaza in magazin; Dupa aprobarea finantarii clientul semneaza in punctul de vanzare contractul de credit si factura fiscala;
  • Rate egale si fixe in RON pe toata durata finantarii, asigurare de viata inclusa in rate fara costuri suplimentare;
  • Flexibilitate in evaluarea bonitatii financiare.

Caracteristicile produsului financiar:

  • Perioada de creditare: 6 luni – maxim 5 ani
  • Valoare creditata intre 1.000 lei – 40.000 lei
  • Varsta: intre 26 si 70 de ani
  • Comision zero pt analiza dosar
  • Avans: optional (nu este obligatoriu)
  • Ratele sunt fixe in lei
  • Venit minim 750 RON/lunar
  • Rate egale si fixe in RON pe toata durata finantarii, asigurare de viata inclusa in rate fara costuri suplimentare;
  • Creditul de consum BT Direct este instrumentat, aprobat, acordat si gestionat de catre  BT Direct.

Pentru calcularea ratelor accesati link-ul: CREDIT-BTDIRECT

Pentru a incepe aplicatia dvs de credit accesati link-ul de mai jos: FINANTARE-MOTO24

Acte necesare ptr analiza dosar:

  • Salariati
  • Carte de identitate;
  • Adeverinta de venit cu salariile din ultimele 3 luni (are valabilitatea 30 de zile, formular BTD);
  • Adeverinta cu veniturile aferente anului anterior;
  • Raport per salariat din Revisal.
  • Nota: in cazul in care in anul anterior nu a obtinut venituri salariale sau si-a schimbat locul de munca, solicitantul trebuie sa dea o declaratie pe proprie raspundere din care sa rezulte ca nu a inregistrat venituri sau nu poate obtine adeverinta cu veniturile aferente anului anterior de la fostul angajator.

Finantare prin Leasing PJ/PFA/II

(se adresează persoanelor juridice şi persoanelor fizice autorizate.)

Moto24 colaboreaza cu toate institutiile de leasing financiar /credit care finanteaza achizitia de motociclete, ATV-uri, UTV-uri, motoare de barci, skijet-uri si echipamente utilitare. Colaboram cu: Idea Leasing IFN SA, Unicredit Leasing Corporation IFN SA, BRD Sogelease. Daca aveti finantatorul dv preferential ce nu face parte din aceasta lista, atunci vom colabora cu mare placere cu acesta. Impreuna cu partenerii nostri, va oferim consultanta si solutii pentru alegerea finantarii potrivite.

In general documentele solicitate de firmele de leasing sunt urmatoarele:

  • cerere de leasing (formular tipizat ce va va fi comunicat de firma de leasing)
  • copie CI reprezentanti societate
  • bilant + balanta la finalul ultimului semestru din anul ce a trecut
  • bilant si balanta la finalul ultimului semestru din anul in curs
  • utima balanta din anul curent
  • copii CUI + CIF
  • copie act constitutiv insotit de actele aditionale care atesta modificari ale structurii de actionariat (daca exista)

Contactati-ne pentru orice informatii despre rate sau leasing pe e-mail la adresa sau la numarul 0371.238.588

Echipa noastra va sta la dispozitie cu cele mai bune solutii!


Ce inseamna leasing operational?

Definitie: Leasingul operational reprezinta transferarea dreptului de utilizare al unei flote unei companii in conditiile achitarii unei rate lunare fixe care acopera toate costurile de functionare ale unei masini cat si alte servicii suplimentare (Asigurari, Dobanzi, Taxe si Impozite, Mentenanta, Reparatii si Costuri administrative). Toate riscurile sunt preluate de catre firma de leasing operational.

Cum functioneaza?

Parcul auto este externalizat partial sau total, printr-un contract de inchiriere sau de management de flote, pentru o perioada cuprinsa intre 12 si 57 de luni.

Singura responsabilitate a clientului este de a achita o rata lunara fixa, care reprezinta TCO*-ul masinii (nu mai presupune nici un alt cost)

Cui i se adreseaza?

Produsul se adreseaza companiilor interesate de eficientizarea costurilor cu parcul auto. Flota tinta are intre 1 si 200 autovehicule, de pasageri sau comerciale.

Beneficiile leasingului operational

Citeste mai multe detalii:



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